Thursday, March 24, 2011

My First LUSH product: Space Girl Bath Bomb

My first LUSH product!

Ok.  So I pick this awesome little item up at the LUSH counter nearest me.  It was one of the products I really wanted to give a try.  I got it for $4.95, which for a one use bath product, that's a high price.  I really wanted to give LUSH a go, so I shelled out the cash to own one of these beauties.  Space Girl is glitter-loaded, and smells light and sweet...almost like a Sweet-tart or fruity candy! I haven't tried it yet, but I will definitely post my responce to this celestial luxury once I've used it. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Thanksgiving

I'm not entirely sure that it's correct of me to post my bad holiday experiences.  I feel as though I should be recording these dismal feelings that my cranium contains, but as the same time, I find it rather unfair to post them strictly around the holidays.  Today is nothing short of terrible.

I do not wish to go into detail about the events that occurred earlier today and yesterday, but just asume that I've been under pressure and stress over a variety of topics.  It won't do anyone any good to continue reading about my fears involving the future.  It's too much of a jumbled mess to pick through.  Let me simply state that I'm once again in a foul mood on Thanksgiving.  During the boiling point I had a mind to run away from the holiday entirely and spent it at the local McDonald's just to calm my nerves.  What a terrible plan to devise.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My love of fashion.

I've been TOTALLY obsessed with Betsey Johnson as of late.  I recently purchased my first Betseyville bag, in my favorite print, leopard.  I've been scouting around at T.J. Maxx and her offical website for a variety of BJ products.  I'm completely smitten with the "picnic" jewelry collection.  My favorite:  Picnic Basket Necklace. (shown on the right)  It's currently $30 on the Betsey Johnson website.  :)

Summer is here, and my thirst for cute fashion and fun nights is almost unbearable.  I've been trying to save money, and so I cannot allow myself to spend on frivilous items, but its so difficult not to drool over all the goodies I want.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Endless Crocheting

So I've been crocheting for days on and off.  I started and finished a lovely crocheted necklace today. The pattern can be found here: Crochet-Necklace.  I'm new at this so I hope it doesn't look like something a clown would wear. :P

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's Wednesday

Did I mention I'm not too fond of Wednesdays?  Oh well, I'm not going to complain today.  I feel better since last week.  I've decided to let go of some of my worries.  The first one is money.  I have absolutely no money.

I'm actually excited about Christmas.  I feel like its going to be more festive and enjoyable now that I'm not worrying so much about shopping for gifts since I'll be making gifts this year.  I've begun crocheting a scarf (not telling who its for) and its the first crocheted scarf I will be finishing!  Jason helped me pick the color of the yarn while we were at hobby lobby, and I decided to add a set of wooden buttons near one end of the scarf for style.  I'm actually proud of how its looking so far! Just a bunch more to go. :P 

Personally, I rather enjoy receiving homemade gifts.  I see in commercials on TV that lend the message that homemade gifts are "awkward" or "boring", but I think that is obviously the promotion of consumerism above the thoughtfulness of giving.  If someone spend hours making me a scarf, I'd be impressed! Oh and I won't complain that it wasn't a BluRay player either.  The nerve of some of these people in these commercials!

I do need fabrics to continue my Christmas-ing though.  I'm not so worried because crocheting takes more time that sewing does, so I believe I'm ahead of schedule for now.  I do have a sewing machine (Singer Simple), which I received from my mom for my birthday, and I love cranking out things on it.  I've made two kilts, adapted a t-shirt, mended pants, hemmed a robe, and soon I'll be making tops in Renaissance style as gifts for friends and family!  Lets hope none of my family reads this. :)

 This is the scarf I've been crocheting! :D

Saturday, November 28, 2009

36/ 415 pages

And so I sleep for a grand total of 5 hours before I woke to dry nasal passages and a fever like warmth to my entire body.  For the past few hours I've continued to read through Wuthering Heights and set up my VICKS humidifier.  Now the air in my room is moist and smells of eucalyptus.

What I wanted was for a soul to spoon soup or tea to me, pamper my dry flesh with a hydrating lotion, and comfort me as I drifted back to sleep.  Maybe not a real person.  Perhaps more of a ghost or some kind spirit that would tend to me as if I were bed ridden and then vanish once I was well.  Seeing as there is no one to do such things, I did them myself.  Opening my jar of Ponds lotion, I slathered it on my dry limbs, unsatisfied at the blue veins that peer at me through my white skin.  Feeling to lazy to steep a cup of tea, I downed a few butter cookies from the tin my mother gave me before the holiday, and now I return to my book and hopefully the province of sleep.

Friday, November 27, 2009

7pm, to bed.

I felt poorly today, which is some what of a rarity for me. I like to stay chipper and emotionally healthy, but lately its been taxing. I can't quite put my finger on the variable that is causing the change in my moods. I wake up, emotionally exhausted some days. Everything appears muted and dull, and my vitality feels as if its receded beneath my epidermis, puckered and weak if affected with some sort of illness. On these days, I favor isolation and find it laborious to even change out of my bed clothes. I feel as though I'm not fit to face the people who know and love me. They expect me to be my perky self, full of ambition to work/study/socialize but on these days I can't even pretend to oblige them. I'm usually to restless to sleep and my appetite dwindles. Today is one of those days that have become more and more frequent. I try to "snap out of it" but it's strange fog ensnares me, and becomes difficult to fan away.

So I had to leave my beloved boyfriends house whilst in the middle of a hockey game on TV, to return home due to my fatigue. It pained me to leave since I feel like I never get to spend as much time with him as I would like to. And now, here I am, preparing myself for an early bedtime. A fresh copy of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights is waiting for me on the paisley orange comforter upon my bed, and in times like these, reading is the only thing that can help pass the lonely and dismal hours of illness away. I forced down a slice of cheesecake a moment ago. Time will tell if it was a poor choice of sustenance now stuck at the bottom of my stomach.

Did I mention that today I finished Diane Setterfield's novel, The Thirteenth Tale? Fantastic read, and I highly recommend it if you are fond of gothic fiction.

"I thought you said something about a wolf," I began.

"Yes. That black beast that gnaws at my bones whenever he gets a chance. He loiters in corners and hides behind doors most of the time, because he's afraid of these." She indicated the white pills on the table beside her.

"But they don't last forever. It's nearly twelve and they are wearing off. He is sniffing at my neck. By half past he will be digging his teeth and claws in. Until one, when I can take another tablet and he will have to return to his corner. We are always clockwatching, he and I. He pounces five minutes earlier every day. But I cannot take my tablets five minutes earlier. That stays the same."

"But surely the doctor -"

"Of course. Once a week, or once every ten days, he adjusts the dose. Only never quite enough. He does not want to be the one to kill me, you see. And so when it comes, it must be the wolf that finishes me off."

[Vida Winter conversing with Margret Lea, The Thirteenth Tale.]